Step 1 - Fill in the Application

We will fully consult with You about Your Project and Collect Your needed Documents for Preparing Your Business Project Plan

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Step 2 - Prepare Business Plan

We study those Documents and Project in Detail then Create Project Plan Summary (Slices) then Finally Publish Your Official Business Plan after Your Project Plan Approved

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Step 3 - Get the Fund

We Summit all You Support Documents for Your Final Financial Funding...Enjoy You Project Growing...

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THE DIAMOND HOME 1 Condominium
The first master project of 5Bright Siblings Company

The Diamond Home 1 was created on April 01, 2014, in the form of professional project in the mission of making more modern lifestyles in response to the very fast growing of people in Phnom Penh city and he inflow of foreigners into Cambodia in ASIAN 2015 integration.
We build the very good quality building for all kinds of people in many purposes such as:
1. For good modern living condition in the new modern lifestyles
2. For those who are the investors in the real estate that provide much return for them
3. For those foreigners who intended to own the property in Cambodia, especially in Phnom Penh City
4. For providing good chance to those who are finding jobs as in our Company
5. For developing the Economic in Cambodia related to Real Estate business.